1. itcher App


Itcher is a personalized entertainment recommendations app that suggests movies, books, music, and games that are specific to the user. Using an advanced collaborative filtering system, like-minded people are connected to provide tailored recommendations.

What I did

Designed key functionality flow (Web application, Mobile, Native App)

Ux Research

Interaction Design

The goal of itcher was to create a simple, user-centric experience that would solve this issue and exceed the expectations of the user. itcher not only provides tailored recommendations but also allows users to discuss, share and even be taken directly to the suggested media at the click of a button; so if a user selects their recommended movie or album itcher will provide an abundance of information on the source and also give them the option to view it directly by connecting them with popular apps such as Netflix, iTunes or Amazon Video.

2. "To Do" app

3. Crowdfunding App

4. Doula App