International logistics, exclusively for beverages


myHillebrand— is an online tool where you can manage all aspects of your orders.  Access your shipments, invoices, carbon emissions, temperatures and more, online or using a mobile app.


I joined the Team as a Product Designer. My main responsibilities are product design, communication design, user research, UI/UX design of  Web application and mobile apps, defining metrics and measurement of UX.

Project Background

Company Type:  the leading global beverage logistics provider.

Duration: started November 2018 (9 month - ongoing)

Platform: Responsive Web, Native iOS and Android.

Service: UX design, UI design, Interaction design

Revenue: $1 to $2 billion (USD) per year. 


My Task

To design a platform that enables customers worldwide to manage their shipments, offering a global picture of shipping operations with accurate and live data that is easy to access and simple to manage.


The platform enables customers to track shipments from order placement to delivery, receive notifications, manage finances and monitor temperature and emissions levels - features that are unique in the industry.