The Problem


My role

Unemployment is at a record low.  Recruitments costs are getting higher and it's getting more and more difficult to reach out to passive candidates and make a successful placement it short period of time (B2B).

"I don't want to miss an interesting job opportunity" (B2C)

Big corporations, Recruitment agencies, Small business owners (B2B)

Passive job seekers  (B2C)


I joined Jobbird as UX/UI Designer. My goal was to create a platform for companies where they will be able to fill their vacancies more quickly by sponsoring them. My task was also to redesign the existing Jobbird website, enhance the UX as well as the branding and UI.

Duration:    5 months

Platform:    Responsive Web

Service:       Research, Information Architecture, Interaction,                          UX/UI design, Testing, Design System Creation

Team:          One Designer, Product Owner, Development                                 Team


Business goal

The design process

Merge all available jobs opportunities and job seekers into one platform.

  1. User and stakeholders interviews; competitors research

  2. Design Personas and User Scenarios: B2B and B2C roles

  3. Define target KPI’s

  4. Provide design solutions

  5. User Testing

1.  User and stakeholders interviews;   competitors research

I started my work by interviewing stakeholders to understand what were the business goals, what they already knew about their users and to understand the constraints.  The insights gained from the stakeholder's interview are very valuable for delivering the best results. After I conducted the competitor's analysis and run several interviews with key customers to understand their vision and needs.  


I also conducted quick testing with several job seekers to find out how they were using the website. It turned out that most respondents leave the website just after they applied for a job they found.

2. User  Personas and Job Stories

Based on the quick user research I built four personas with different needs and goals. Those personas were created partially based on assumptions and were not fully research-based but it was something that I came back to throughout my project to guide my design decisions and priorities.

Value proposition workshop

During the workshop with the stakeholders and colleagues from other departments we brainstormed and created a value proposition for each persona.  We used the outcomes later in our MVP.

Journey Map

I have worked on the user journey map to visualize the process that each persona goes through in order to accomplish the goal. The purpose of the journey was to reveal the main problems and paint point the user was having at each step of the journey and think of the possible solutions. 

Job Stories

Taking into account users’ feedback, insights based on the interviews and ideas generated during the workshop I designed 8 main job stories for the B2B Customer and 5 main job stories for the B2C Customer.

"When I am posting 1000 vacancies I want to be able to quickly and easily fill the urgent ones by sponsoring them  so that I can reach my Hiring KPI this month"

"When I am posting a vacancy I want to be able to see the recommendation on market salary ranges so that I can be sure I am not overpaying or paying less money"

"When I am applying for a job I want to be able to chat with the recruiter so that I can ask more questions about the position and see if this is something that could be a good match"

Analysis and optimization of the current flow 

I started with analyzing two key task flows one B2B - Applying for a job and the B2C one -  Posting vacancies. The main goal was to understand how might we decrease the bounce rate and increase the user session depth. In the tested scenario, I asked job seekers to find a job in marketing and apply for it. The task for the recruiters was to post a vacancy and comment while posting.

4. Define KPI

  • Number of pages viewed

  • Clicks on the “Apply” button

  • Number of users applied via “Easy apply”

  • Amount of CV’s uploaded 

  • Number of Campaigns launched

3. Design Solutions

Introduce a premium plan for the companies, so they can fill their vacancies more quickly by sponsoring them

Build a multi-search that will allow companies to find an ideal candidate in other databases 

Companies will be able to contact recruiters worldwide through the jobbird platform, in order to find the ideal candidate

Salary payment through Jobbird Pay

Time to start sketching. I came up with several potential design solutions to each of the job story and made some rough UI sketches.

After the final design decisions have been approved  I created a Style guide and a Design Library in Sketch, to make sure all the colors,  text, inputs, buttons and other element are consistent over the website.

5. User Testing

I was continuously testing new designs with users and updating the prototypes with the feedback I received.